Hi, I’m Roger Burton. I have big plans for the coming Air Taxi Industry.

The Next Generation Of Air Taxi Is At Hand

I will use this website to inform the public about air taxi aircraft and certification accomplishments. I plan to build this website into a place to help people build their own business using the next generation of aircraft for air taxi. I believe that the price of flying on an air taxi will finally become low enough to enable large scale operations when we finally see aircraft that can be flown with passengers aboard, but with no pilot onboard. First we’ll see autonomous cars and autonomous cargo aircraft. Tesla cars can already drive themselves. After people become comfortable with these vehicles we will see the spike in air taxis that have long been predicted by aviation experts. It is beginning to look like 2025 will see the beginning of air taxi services on pilotless aircraft. But these aircraft won’t look like those we have seen before.

eVTOL aircraft are being developed that will take passengers from rooftop to parking lot, vacant field to city center. These aircraft will likely begin with a pilot on board but the pilots will quickly be replaced by an empty passenger seat as soon as the flying public becomes comfortable flying in an autonomous aircraft.

In this website I inform the public of expected costs, limitations, benefits, and safety expectations of this new brand of air taxi. I believe this will be a big jump in technology that will make a permanent change in the way we use transportation in America and the world. Taxijets and Taxicopters will become as prevalent as the automobile.

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More to Come


Roger flew the AV-8B Harrier and A-4M Skyhawk in the USMC, serving in Iraq during Desert Storm. He was an instructor pilot and an airline pilot. He flew the CRJ and Boeing 757 before his company went bankrupt. He attempted to facilitate the expected air taxi industry when the Eclipse Jet was certified. Unfortunately, the Eclipse Jet did not live up to its claims and the industry is still waiting for viable next generation aircraft. eVTOL aircraft, and AI assisted autonomous flight systems, seem poised to finally give the air taxi industry a serious restructuring. These “taxijets,” or “taxicopters” will make short hop air travel much less expensive and more available to us all. I believe it will also provide great investment opportunities as well.


Roger worked to build an online presence which would facilitate the air taxi industry in 2004. But he was ahead of his time. Time has marched on, and he is now tracking potential aircraft which are poised to foster in the next generation air taxi industry.

Aircraft are Changing

The aircraft which are being developed to provide air taxi services are numerous. Roger will evaluate each aircraft in detail in his articles on this website. When viable airframes have been identified he will focus on finding assistance for pilots, maintenance personnel, investors, and operations personnel who want to be their own boss by owning a Taxijet/Taxicopter franchise. He will focus on ensuring safety first, finding funding for potential franchise owners, insurance, accident investigation/prevention, and training for franchise owners and maintainers. He plans to work with the aircraft manufacturers to provide collective bargaining, maintenance, and quality control. Imagine, owning your own private aircraft while making a great income by using it for air taxi operations in your own local area.

Pilots will lose seats to automation

Let’s face it, pilotless aircraft are coming. So, airlines will not need pilots for all their flights. Why not replace the most accident prone part of flying if it is possible? Pilot error accounts for most aviation accidents. Shifting to pilotless aircraft will reduce those accidents to near zero. Sure, there will be growing pains. There will be automation related incidents that could have been prevented by pilots, if they had been on board. But they will be fewer, and less catastrophic, in the long run. Pilotless aircraft are coming. Where will the pilots go? Why not start your own business with an aircraft which you can fly yourself and which you can send out on autonomous flights too? Pilots and maintainers are in the best position to own and operate these types of air taxi businesses.

Nobody is talking about it yet, but pilots of larger aircraft will be replaced too. So, pilots who are getting into aviation in 2023 will be facing furlough in 2040. Think about using your aviation training to start a business running and maintaining your own autonomous eVTOL aircraft. You can go on the flights you want to take, or send your aircraft autonomously with paying passengers only. Don’t know how to do it? Taxijet will help you take the steps necessary to stay safe and profitable. Come see us when you start to fear automation is about to kick you out of your flying seat.

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