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Today I studied a bit about amphibious ultralight aircraft. I think I want to buy the Airtime Aircraft Cygnet Amphib ultralight. It is a really cool craft that I think would work well for me. It looks like a jet ski with wheels and wings. I have a place less than a mile from a boat ramp into the Mississippi river. This section of the river, in northwest Illinois, is a beautiful place to see from atop a high bluff. I can imagine it will be a lot of fun to fly over it. A lot of waterfowl migrate here in spring and fall. I’d like to join them some day. Maybe I will, in one of these unique and amazing aircraft. It has wheels and pontoons. Maybe I could drive it down our quiet rural street, cross the railroad track, and drive it into the water at the boat ramp. Then, the sky is the limit. I have a background as an instructor pilot, fighter pilot, and airline pilot, so I might want to start giving instruction in this aircraft. It was difficult to find a price for it so, I think you need to talk to the company to get an accurate price. There seems to be a waiting list so, maybe I’ll put down a deposit. I am thinking of getting an instructor license. It looks like a lot of fun to give introductory flights to people. If someone is serious, I could rent an apartment in our equestrian center so they could stay here for some immersion training. How does this relate to the air taxi industry? Well, it looks like fun, and it is an aircraft. I will write more about the air taxi industry as time goes on. For this, my first blog, I am signing out. – Roger

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